About Us Knowing what matters matters

beingmeta creates infrastructure, services, and applications for meaningful computing, a new computing paradigm based on the discrimination and representation of human meanings and purposes.

Applications and services powered by beingmeta's technology can interpret, grasp, and use human meaning to be less awkward for users and more autonomous when appropriate. Our vision is of a computational web which links people and processes across space, time, language, and culture, recognizing the connections which are important and dismissing the differences which are superficial. Together with our clients and partners, we are building and supporting applications which increase productivity, reduce mistakes, and enable effective collaboration.

Spun off from the MIT Media Laboratory in 2001, beingmeta is about trying to solve the genuninely hard problems of content and knowledge description while delivering solutions which work today. We believe that this is the only way to deliver long-lived solutions, retain customers, and create a sustainable business.

The company has developed an enterprise-class "meaningful computing" platform which supports large semantic knowledge bases and practical natural language processing, together with a rapid prototyping environment for web-based semantic applications and services. The platform is both naturally distributed and deeply interlingual, making it a unique choice for organizations with global reach and scope.

The company's technology has been deployed with major and minor companies around the globe, focused to date on media and information companies. Our platform is a hybrid of protected and open-source technology developed over fifteen years of R&D on meaning-based infrastructure and applications.

We are currently open to new clients who have the vision to invest in solutions which will work now and in the future. [email] We are also looking for active outside investors who appreciate hard problems and are comfortable with our credo. [email]