beingmeta's semantic tools stack provides scalable, robust, high-performance semantic computing in an open environment. Our powerful technology enables advanced semantic and linguistic programming combined with rapid prototyping and seamless enterprise integration. GNOSYS provides a set of core C and Java libraries for creating agile distributed applications and services easily molded to business demands. In addition, GNOSYS leverages native parallelism (multiple core/CPU platforms) to support high-throughput text processing and semantic data mining on advanced hardware.

beingmeta services beingmeta semantic services provide on-demand web services for linguistic and semantic analysis, allowing standalone and web-based applications to leverage advanced facilities through a simple interface at an accessible price. These facilities include natural language tagging, named entity recognition, context and knowledge based sense disambiguation and access to the BRICO knowledge base of millions of concepts and individuals.

beingmeta's smart sites bring enhanced functionality to the end user, making it easier to search and share information across the web or your own organization. bricobase uses a rich organic ontology to harmonize folksonomies growing at various tagging sites around the web. sidewize uses semantic associations to help you phrase better searches for conventional search engines.