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beingmeta brings human meaning to digital information, using semantic technologies in services and applications which enhance life, productivity, and sustainability.

being μετά (from the greek for 'after' or 'beyond') captures the general patterns which emerge from particular knowledge. beingmeta's core technologies identify and apply the patterns of human meaning in computational systems.

being meta (as in the English 'metadata') engages with "information about information" that abstracts, summarizes, or connects digital content or sources; beingmeta's products create and leverage meaningful metadata associated with online digital content.

being mettā (the Buddhist virtue of 'lovingkindness') commits to an ethic of positive transformative engagement with all humankind, deploying technologies which can bridge space, time, culture, and language.

MetaReader provide an online digital reading experience which is better than offline analog reading, enriching information with social and semantic context and transforming the online experience of browsing, sharing, and searching complex documents.

beingmeta services beingmeta semantic services provide on-demand web services for linguistic and semantic analysis, allowing standalone and web-based applications to leverage advanced facilities through a simple interface at an accessible price.

Knodules are a lightweight representation system supporting (relatively) small knowledge bases for limited domains or communities. Knodules are especially valuable for sustainable social metadata because they allow the creation of richly diverse and detailed vocabularies whose internal structure improve search and browsing.

Open Sourcefdjt is a portable web toolkit developed to help power beingmeta's online applications and including general Javascript utilities and support for a range of rich UI components.

Open Sourcelibu8 is a portable C library for processing, generating, and converting UTF-8 encoded strings. The library also provides a light abstraction layer over a variety of operating system functions including file access, logging, network client/server functions, time, resource, and environment access, and cryptographic functions.

GnoSys is a powerful and versatile semantic tools stack providing scalable, robust, high-performance semantic computing in an open environment. beingmeta's powerful technology enables advanced semantic and linguistic programming from Scheme, C, and Java enabling the creation of agile distributed applications together with customized high performance semantic data mining.


Dr. Kenneth Haase [vitae] founded beingmeta in 2001 to transform modern computing to reflect human meanings and purposes. With extensive experience in global research and development, Dr. Haase seeded beingmeta with a decade of research developments from his work at the MIT Media Laboratory.


Walter Bender is executive director of Sugar Labs and senior research scientist at the MIT Media Laboratory. Bender was president of One Laptop per Child, where he developed and deployed technologies that helped revolutionize how the world's children engage in learning. He is former executive director of the Media Laboratory, as well as the founding director of the Electronic Publishing group in the Lab. While at the Lab in 1992, Bender founded the News in the Future consortium and has participated in much of the pioneering research in the field of electronic publishing and personalized interactive multimedia. He has worked closely with pioneers in the field of technology and learning such as Seymour Papert, Marvin Minsky, and Alan Kay for 30+ years. Bender has a BA from Harvard University and an MS from MIT. He is a member of the GNOME Technical Advisory Board and has a visiting faculty appointment at the University of Tampere in Finland.

Cris Dolan has spent close to two decades building and bringing to market advanced technology businesses in the areas of Internet, eCommerce, interactive television, executive information systems, communications and network management technologies. As a founder and Division President of OneMain.com, Cris conceived and launched the cornerstone of OneMain, the Geographic Communities which she made profitably in only five months. She has over a decade of sales and strategic business alliance development experience. Cris began her career at IBM in various sales and marketing roles selling advanced technology solutions to the Communications, Finance and Securities sectors.   While studying for her master of science degree at the MIT Media Lab, Cris was a research assistant in the News in the Future research consortium where she worked on the early prototypes for interactive information, entertainment and sports. She also holds a master of computer science engineering, and a bachelor of electrical engineering with a minor in business. Cris has served on Microsoft's Internet Advisory Board and the Netscape Internet Publishing Advisory Board. She has also served within the New York Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE).

General Counsel

Mintz-Levin of Boston, Massachusetts serves as general counsel for the company. Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo is a versatile law firm of more than 450 highly qualified and dedicated attorneys representing a diverse international clientele in many industries, providing a wide range of legal services and resources.

practical common sense addresses the challenge of artificial stupidity by developing platforms and resources which enable existing and emerging software applications to appreciate and leverage the background and context which human beings take for granted.

reinventing reading recreates the software of books by developing interfaces which preserve the natural affordances of printed books while combining them with knowledge bases, web portals, and wikis, connecting the work and the reader to networks of knowledge, resources, and communities, and individuals.

e-Communion connects individuals and communities across space, time, language, and purpose, using "meaningful technologies" of semantic description and social networking to gather individuals together around common knowledge and purposes while amplifying individual insight and understanding.

BB BRICOBASE streamlines finding information on the web using beingmeta's broad-coverage semantic knowledge base for precisely targeted results. In addition to providing quick links to related sites, BRICOBASE aggregates social tagging sites to manage the often-chaotic diversity of natural language tagging.

beingmeta services beingmeta semantic services provide on-demand web services for linguistic and semantic analysis, allowing standalone and web-based applications to leverage advanced facilities through a simple interface at an accessible price.