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MetaReader provide an online digital reading experience which is better than offline analog reading, enriching information with social and semantic context and transforming the online experience of browsing, sharing, and searching complex documents.

beingmeta services beingmeta semantic services provide on-demand web services for linguistic and semantic analysis, allowing standalone and web-based applications to leverage advanced facilities through a simple interface at an accessible price.

Knodules are a lightweight representation system supporting (relatively) small knowledge bases for limited domains or communities. Knodules are especially valuable for sustainable social metadata because they allow the creation of richly diverse and detailed vocabularies whose internal structure improve search and browsing.

Open Sourcefdjt is a portable web toolkit developed to help power beingmeta's online applications and including general Javascript utilities and support for a range of rich UI components.

Open Sourcelibu8 is a portable C library for processing, generating, and converting UTF-8 encoded strings. The library also provides a light abstraction layer over a variety of operating system functions including file access, logging, network client/server functions, time, resource, and environment access, and cryptographic functions.

GnoSys is a powerful and versatile semantic tools stack providing scalable, robust, high-performance semantic computing in an open environment. beingmeta's powerful technology enables advanced semantic and linguistic programming from Scheme, C, and Java enabling the creation of agile distributed applications together with customized high performance semantic data mining.