Credo clarity matters. people matter. diversity matters. community matters.

beingmeta's technology emphasizes the value of human meanings and purposes. As a company, we try to reflect this focus in our corporate culture and credo.

clarity matters.
we believe in being clear and honest with customers, competitors, and stakeholders. This extends beyond everyday business ethics to technological honesty: we think that our products may be able to transform how you and your organization work, but we are obliged to shoot down unrealistic expectations of either our own or our competitor's products.
people matter.
we understand the limits of technology and the value of people. As we develop solutions, we will focus on ways of enhancing and amplifying the wisdom and judgment of individuals, rather than replacing them. And as a company, we are committed to treating our staff, customers, and partners in the same way.
diversity matters.
our products bring together a rich variety of approaches and techniques for meaningful computing. Similarly, we value organizational diversity as a source of corporate creativity and robustness. Whether among staff, customers, or partners, we welcome the differences that enrich and inform. In an age when the global has become local, we believe in ``soulful globalization'' as one of the best possible sources of diversity. In soulful globalization, we "go international" not merely in search of markets or labor, but in search of imagination, ideas, and partnerships.
community matters.
innovation, success, and prosperity (not to mention happiness) rely on stable conscious communities. We are committed to supporting the communities of our clients, our employees, and our technology by: active participation in international standards, direct involvement in our physical neighborhoods, support for employee involvement in community activities, and a solid commitment to contributing to the open-source community.