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This is the site for the original version ofFramerD at SourceForge, released under LGPL. beingmeta has developed a next generation of FramerD technology which will soon be released under an open-source license.


Context for Semantic Metadata
This article (from ACM Multimedia 2004) describes a practical approach to context based disambiguation using a semantically annotated image database and a rich semantic network.
Babelvision: Better Image Searching Through Shared Annotations
This article (from ACM Interactions) describes a semantic image annotation project using beingmeta's technology to enable non-experts (high school students in urban Dorchester) to annotate images consistently and reliably.
Interlingual BRICO
This is an IBM Systems Journal article about an early version of BRICO knowledge base, emphasizing its interlingual character.
FramerD: Representing Knowledge in the Large
This is an IBM Systems Journal article about the FramerD database.